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PTFE Tubing 2mm - 18mm od

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Extruded from chemically inert compound, PTFE thin walled tubing is used in a wide range of applications including Aerospace, Medical and Chemical.

It offers excellent resistance to chemicals and weather. It also has excellent electrical insulation properties and coefficiency of friction.

All our PTFE tube is manufactured using top quality polymers offering excellent quality material in terms of performance and appearance. We can offer total batch traceability on each consignment of tube back to raw material stage on request.

Please enquire about FDA compliant material as Certificates of Conformity can be provided on request.

Temperature range is -60 deg c to +260 deg c.

*Working pressure is quoted at 23 deg C and with a 3:1 safety factor.

Available per metre or by the roll.

PTFE tubing with reduced tolerances, suitable for use with push in fittings available on request,

The following sizes are also available on request.

2mm1mm20 bar12mm9mm8 bar
3mm2mm21 bar12mm10mm7 bar
4mm2mm20 bar14mm10mm11.3 bar
4mm2.5mm13 bar14mm12mm6 bar
5mm3mm16 bar15mm12.5mm7 bar
6mm4mm13 bar15mm12mm7.7 bar
7mm5mm11.3 bar16mm12mm9.7 bar
8mm5mm15 bar16mm14mm5 bar
8mm6mm10 bar18mm14mm8.3 bar
10mm6mm16 bar18mm15mm7 bar
10mm8mm8 bar
12mm8mm13.3 bar


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PTFE Tube per metre

3mm2mm104910     Lead Time  £2.98   
4mm2.5mm104911     Lead Time  £1.71   
6mm4mm104912     Lead Time  £2.97   
8mm5mm104913     Lead Time  £6.32   
8mm6mm104914     Lead Time  £3.80   
10mm8mm104915     Lead Time  £5.06   
12mm9mm104916     Lead Time  £9.49   
12mm10mm104917     Lead Time  £6.20   
15mm12mm104918     Lead Time  £14.93   

PTFE Tube 25m

2mm1mm131976     Lead Time  £35.10  £28.08 
3mm2mm131975     Lead Time  £58.20  £48.50 
4mm2mm131953     Lead Time  £45.34  £36.27 
4mm2.5mm131954     Lead Time  £39.45  £31.56 
5mm3mm131955     Lead Time  £58.49  £46.80 
6mm4mm131956     Lead Time  £68.73  £54.99 
7mm5mm131957     Lead Time  £115.53  £92.43 
8mm5mm131958     Lead Time  £146.24  £116.99 
8mm6mm131959     Lead Time  £87.75  £70.20 
10mm6mm131960     Lead Time  £239.84  £191.87 
10mm8mm131961     Lead Time  £117.00  £93.60 
12mm8mm131962     Lead Time  £301.26  £241.01 
12mm9mm131963     Lead Time  £219.36  £175.49 
12mm10mm131964     Lead Time  £143.32  £114.66 
14mm10mm131965     Lead Time  £286.63  £229.31 
14mm12mm131966     Lead Time  £171.11  £136.89 
15mm12.5mm131967     Lead Time  £288.10  £230.48 
15mm12mm131968     Lead Time  £345.14  £276.11 
16mm12mm131969     Lead Time  £408.02  £326.42 
16mm14mm131970     Lead Time  £307.11  £245.69 
18mm14mm131971     Lead Time  £580.59  £464.47 
18mm15mm131972     Lead Time  £402.17  £321.73 

PTFE Tube 50m

2mm1mm131977     Lead Time  £70.20  £56.16 
3mm2mm104901     Lead Time  £116.39  £96.99 
4mm2.5mm131121     Lead Time  £80.72  £64.58 
6mm4mm131122     Lead Time  £140.39  £112.31 
8mm5mm104904     Lead Time  £304.18  £243.35 
8mm6mm131123     Lead Time  £181.34  £145.07 
10mm8mm131124     Lead Time  £236.91  £189.53 
12mm9mm104907     Lead Time  £450.43  £360.34 
12mm10mm104908     Lead Time  £292.49  £233.99 
15mm12mm131951     Lead Time  £751.69  £601.35 

PTFE Tube 100m

2mm1mm131978     Lead Time  £140.39  £112.31 
4mm2.5mm104902     Lead Time  £163.79  £131.03 
6mm4mm104903     Lead Time  £286.63  £229.31 
8mm5mm131126     Lead Time  £631.77  £505.42 
8mm6mm104905     Lead Time  £374.38  £299.50 
10mm8mm104906     Lead Time  £479.68  £383.75 
12mm10mm131128     Lead Time  £596.67  £477.34 
(All prices exclude VAT)

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